Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment are available to me?

Cash, debit or credit card, or by cheque


What are the process times for a visa application?

The waiting time is around 6 weeks but this could depend upon the application.


Can the immigration authorities refuse my application?

Yes. Surprisingly a large number of applicants are unaware how strictly the immigration regulations are enforced and are often unnecessarily refused or delayed due to technical errors on their application or by submitting the wrong supporting documentation. Consultants exist to help you find the best way through the immigration maze and are highly effective in doing so.


What is a permanent resident?

Essentially, a residence permit is a right affixed into your passport granting you the permanent right to live and work in a country. You are generally eligible for state medical care, education and social welfare assistance. Temporary residents are generally not entitled to medical care or social welfare assistance at any time and are generally unable to remain in the country for longer than 5 years.


Can I apply for Permanent Resident status and Temporary status at the same time?

Canadian Immigration policy recognizes the concept of dual intent.


What is a Quebec Selection Certificate?

A Quebec Selection Certificate allows you to immigrate to, and settle in Quebec. If your intended destination in Canada is within the province of Quebec, you must obtain a CSQ before you obtain a PR Visa.


I am over 60 years of age, and I want to visit Canada for the first time, Should I schedule an appointment ?

Yes, of course, irrespective of the age everyone should schedule an appointment with the embassy for Visiting visa processing as drop-box facility permitted by the concerning authorities.


What is the difference between Work Permit visa and Canada immigration visa?

The main difference is a work permit visa is a temporary visa whereas Canada immigration visa is a permanent resident visa. The individuals availing work permit visa can work in Canada for a period and are abound to certain regulations of the government. The individuals bearing Canada immigration visa can live anywhere in Canada of their choice and enjoy a set of privileges provided by the government of Canada.


Does age matter for immigration?

Yes, but a lot depends on personal circumstances and the type of visa you apply under.


What about health checkups?

A medical test is standard procedure and you need to pass that. A blood test will be conducted and X-rays of the chest will be taken.


Can the Doctors or Nurses work in Australia with an Foreign Degree ?

Doctors who wish to practice in Australia must first be registered with the Medical Board in the State or Territory where they intend to practice. Doctors can apply for either a temporary or permanent visa. For immigration purposes, doctors seeking permanent residency in Australia must hold full medical registration. After the visa is granted, doctors must apply to Medicare Australia for a Medicare Provider Number if they will be working in general practice or will be prescribing drugs.


What is EPEC?

Employment Pass for Eligibility Certificate.


Who is eligible to apply for Dependant's Pass?

An Employment Pass holder may apply for Dependant's Passes for his wife and unmarried children under 21 years of age.


Can I work while am studying?

Foreign students are not allowed to engage in any form of employment in Singapore, whether during term time or vacation time, unless they are studying at government universities (NUS, NTU, SMU). The students studying at these universities are allowed to work part time 16 hrs a week.